ChelseaBoy, born Brian van der Heijden in Helmond, the Netherlands, is a multidisciplinary drag artist, using their audiovisual storytelling as a tool to explore topics such as identity, gender and sexuality. Taking inspiration from the supernatural domain, their "Gender Hybrid" character aspires to showcase the synergy between our inside and outside world through nostalgic performances filled with extraterrestrial elements. Their ultimate utopian vision is to create a universe governed by the full spectrum of unbridled creativity, inclusivity, self acceptance and love.
Drag Race Holland Season 1 - Top 5 - October 23, 2020
Diversity Ball Bangkok- Category: Drag Face - November 29, 2019
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Yildiz Sitzkens
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"I can do that hyper-feminine look, but at the same time, be true to what I love to do and where my drag comes from, also represent the community that I’m from."
ChelseaBoy shares hilarious Snatch Game moment that was cut from Drag Race Holland
GAY TIMES - October 23, 2020
"Why would we say “no” to anybody? Drag Race so far has been primarily male performers who are assigned male at birth, but for me drag is so much more. For me, it was about being on the show and pushing for that representation."
‘Drag Race Holland’s Chelsea Boy Believes In “Playing With Every Crayon In The Box”
Instinct Magazine - November 07, 2020
"I believe that the aesthetic of magnified makeup, giant costumes and wigs is a very powerful means of drawing attention to the road to equality."
These are the new faces of amsterdam’s drag scene
i-D - August 19, 2019
Yildiz Siskens
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